Consulting Services for Professional Services Firms

Our Mission is Your Success…

From scalable, high-volume staffing programs to tailored recruitment solutions, our industry-leading staffing consultants take a true consultative approach to meeting your employee and business needs.

From Legal Marketing recruitment, to IT and Sales recruitment, our team can help you reach your goals in each of our areas of specialty:

  • Accounting Firms

  • Business Services

  • Creative & Marketing Firms

  • Human Resource Services

  • Insurance Companies

  • Law Firms

  • Management, Business and Financial Consulting

  • IT Technology

  • Corporate and Information Governance

Businesses often struggle to assemble the management structure, leadership skills and overall workforce needed to capitalize on rapidly changing business environments. Often, they find they need new organizational models, people who can lead and contribute within those models, and guidance in making the transition to a better way of doing business.

We provide consulting services to help your business embrace change and strengthen performance through proactive approaches to improving the organization and its most valuable asset, its people.

 Additional HR Consulting Speciality Services:

  • Change Management

  • Organizational Design

  • Mergers & Acquisition (including Acqui Hire)

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