Executive Recruiting
…for Professional Services

Links Partners understands that Professional Services organizations do not sell tangible goods but instead, they are wholly dependent on human capital with the right expertise and skills. Thus, more than any other industry, success depends heavily on the quality and availability of that human capital talent.

Links Partners is an innovative and experienced group of experts who understand the challenges of attracting and recruiting highly qualified, professional knowledge leaders.

Our  team assists organizations with the critical long-term decisions associated with performance management, succession planning, corporate governance, mergers & acquisitions and executive talent recruitment. We will be there for our clients to help them attract the best and the brightest talent possible.

Links Partners has expertise in the following business areas:

  • Accounting Firms

  • Business Services

  • Creative & Marketing Firms

  • Human Resource Services

  • Insurance Companies

  • Law Firms

  • Management, Business and Financial Consulting

  • IT Technology Companies

  • Corporate and Information Governance

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